A vegetable packed salad – why it tastes best in summer

A crunchy salad with lots of fresh vegetables is incredibly appetizing, but in winter? No thanks! Find out just why salad tastes so special in summer.

Let there be salad! A cold main course is a popular choice in summer. Sitting outside in the bright sunshine often leaves diners feeling they couldn’t possibly stomach a hot dish because they’re already warm enough. Instead, many of our guests opt for a fresh salad complete with all their favourite little extras. It’s a lighter choice, leaving them free to enjoy the summer’s day.

Culinary classics

Fans of the classics will be pleased to see that our Cesare salad, made with Kos lettuce, homemade croutons and Grana Padano, always ranks high among our guests’ favourites. Salad Nicoise or a light Insalata Mista are also popular choices when it’s hot. With an Insalata Mista, our motto is “anything goes”. Because it’s the little extras that make each salad so wonderfully unique. Some feta cheese? Or succulent chicken breast? How about scampi or smoked salmon on top? There are so many ingredients that can transform a simple salad into something special. Use the fresh potted herbs on every one of our restaurant tables to season to taste.

Our special: salad with asparagus

If you enjoy trying new flavours, there’s sure to be something to tempt you on our seasonal Specials menu, including asparagus until the end of June. This year, guests have been savouring our Insalate Di Asparago Verde with pan-fried green asparagus, crunchy rocket, green beans, red pepper, sundried tomatoes and Grana Padano.

And the best thing about the salad season – everyone can enjoy it. The more, the merrier! It’s a healthy choice, providing us with all sorts of essential minerals and nutrients to see us power through summer. When it comes to vegetables, the brighter the better. A broad range of colours allows the body to absorb different vitamins and minerals, helping us stay fit and well.

Hendrik, Product Development