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Summer + sun = iced tea time! How to make delicious iced tea at home

With the weather we’ve had lately, it’s fair to say that the summer is here, even if it’s not quite the right time of year! In any case, the time has come for ice-cold drinks, especially iced tea! Today, blogger Linh will conjure up a delicious iced tea from our Vapiano teas, and show you how to do it yourself.

I love tea and refuse to give up my daily cup of tea even when it’s hot outside - why? Well, with summer comes iced tea time! The very same Vapiano teas that got me through long winter nights all snuggled up in my blanket, can now be enjoyed in summer weather, but this time served ice-cold! Today, I would like to share two delicious and refreshing recipes with you.

Strawberry and thyme iced tea

Vapiano’s "Call Me Honey" tea is naturally sweet and fruity. That’s because it’s a fruit and herbal tea refined with honeybush tea. The sweet-tasting honeybush comes from South Africa and tastes, as the name suggests, a little bit like honey. With this tea as a base, you can turn up the sweetness by making an iced tea with strawberries and thyme. I personally think that herbs taste fantastic in iced tea – they give the ice-cold drink that certain something and add a refreshing note - which we can all do with in the summer time, right?!

What do I need for this ice tea?


• strawberries
• thyme
• honey
• mint to decorate

To make one litre of the iced tea add two to three tablespoons of the tea into the hot water and let this sit for a few hours. In the meantime, heat up and puree 10 strawberries, cool the puree mixture and then add it to the iced tea, with a handful of thyme sprigs before leaving the mixture in the fridge overnight. Depending on your taste, you can also sweeten the iced tea with honey.
Right before serving, you can enhance the thyme flavour by rubbing some fresh thyme sprigs onto the glasses. For each glass cut a strawberry into quarters, add ice cubes into the glass, fill with iced tea and garnish with mint leaves. And now the iced tea is ready for you to enjoy!

Pomegranate and basil iced tea

Basil on pizza, pasta and now in iced tea?! That’s right! For this tea, I have used the Vapiano "Be Good To You" green tea, which is refined with pomegranate, as a base. With this one too, your secret ingredient is a herb –basil, which really complements the flavour of pomegranate.

What do I need for this ice tea?


  • pomegranate
  • basil
  • apple juice

For the second iced tea, make sure to brew some Vapiano "Be Good To You" tea the day before serving.
For one liter of iced tea, simply pour two to three tablespoons of the tea into a mug and top with hot water and leave to cool. After cooling, add the seeds of half a pomegranate to the tea and a handful of basil leaves. If you leave it overnight, the iced tea will soak up all of the flavours. Give it a quick taste before serving, and if the green tea taste is stronger than you like, simply add a dash of apple juice to add a bit of sweetness.

Before serving up this refreshing thirst-quencher, make sure to rub the inside of the glasses with basil, add an equal amount of pomegranate seeds and ice cubes and pour in your iced tea. Now it's time to sit back and enjoy the summer!

I really can’t decide which of the iced teas is more refreshing but one thing’s for sure these iced teas will be a hit at every garden party. They’re also perfect for taking with you on hot days because although the ice cubes melt quite quickly, the ice tea will remain chilled for some time and serves as an instant refresher on warm sunny day. 


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