Nine life-defining questions about Nutella

Does Nutella always your first choice for toast? Or do you prefer another chocolate spread? To mark World Nutella Day we ask ten soul-searching questions about the world’s favourite hazelnut chocolate spread! 

1. The original or the competition?


There are definitely two camps. One are the loyal Nutella fans who would never look at another brand, the other are those who prefer a similar chocolate spread on their toast. We’re sticking with Nutella, thanks. 

2. To spoon or to spread? 


Different horses for different courses. While some people like to spread Nutella over a slice of warm toast, others spoon it directly from the jar. We believe both approaches are perfectly acceptable. Nom nom! 

3. With or without butter? 


Opinions differ here too. Some chocolate lovers spread their Nutella straight onto bread, others believe the full flavour only develops with a layer of butter beneath. It’s your choice. 

4. Brown bread or white bread?


Brown or multiseed bread has a stronger flavour than white, so opt for the latter to make the most of your Nutella. If the taste is too sweet, why not try it on a slice of darker rye bread or pumpernickel? 

5. Thick spread, thin spread? 


Just like jam, there are two types of spreaders. Some prefer a wafer thin covering of Nutella, others like to lay it on thick. Literally. After all – can you ever have too much of a good thing?!

6. The cupboard or the fridge?


Lots of people store their Nutella jar in the fridge. However, manufacturer Ferrero has a clear message. “Nutella is Italian so naturally it doesn’t like the cold. Store your jar at room temperature (18 – 24 degrees) for the best flavour experience.” 

7. Small jar or family size?


Do you go for the 450 g or the 750 g jar? Some people believe opting for the smaller one will help curb their addition. And then just end up buying more jars. Told you so.

8. A happy end?


You’re coming to the end of your beloved Nutella. Time to scrape out the bottom of the jar. But how? One approach is to use a knife to push the remaining Nutella to the base of the glass and then spoon it out. But how about filling the jar with vanilla ice cream and savouring every last gram?  You’re welcome.

9. To peel or to pop?


When it comes to opening the foil lid, everyone has developed their own special technique. Some patiently peel off every last shred, others tear it open with a knife or their fingers.  

Recognise yourself in any of the above? No matter how you eat your Nutella, we all have one thing in common: our mutual love for the planet’s ultimate chocolate hazelnut spread! Happy World Nutella Day! Save some for us...