Salad with added extras – dare to be different!

Tired of the same old salads with the standard tomato and cucumber? We get it. So dare to be different at the salad bar by asking our Vapianisti to help you create your own unique dish. Go on, give it a try!

Salad with...? Hmmm, what to add? If you find yourself reaching for the usual suspects again and again, we can help. Our Vapianisti are happy to suggest a selection of exciting new ingredients to take your salad to the next level. It starts with the basics. A classic salad consists of a variety of different leaves so why just stick to one type of lettuce? Mix lettuce, rocket and Kos! How about some king prawns or some grilled beef filet? Nobody said salads should only contain cold ingredients! And for diners who like it really hot, we can always add an extra portion of chilli!

Our Vapianisti know their salads
Extra peppers, red onions and mushrooms? All of our salad ingredients are ready prepped and on view for our guests. It’s easier to choose what they want that way. Well sometimes. Anyone feeling spoilt for choice can simply ask one of our Vapianisti for advice. They’re happy to share their expertise. Feel like something that’s not on display? It doesn’t mean we don’t have it stashed away somewhere. Our Vapianisti will always try their best to get hold of that elusive ingredient to create a very special, personalised salad. 

Hendrik, Product Development