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Strawberry recipes reloaded – the coolest new combos

There are hundreds of recipes for strawberries and most involve milk or cream. These juicy red fruits make summer that little bit sweeter, so how about trying out some fun new ideas? Here are our suggestions for new ways to enjoy these scrumptiously, healthy berries.

There are strawberry recipes galore. Strawberries and cream, strawberry gateau, strawberry puree with vanilla ice cream or a creamy Vapiano Panna Cotta. All these tired and tested food fusions remain firm favourites. Understandably. But strawberries can do so much more. Our Specials menu has some exciting new recipes starring this popular red berry. How about strawberries on a pizza with asparagus, spinach, mozzarella and succulent Parma ham? A mouth-watering combination! Berries also taste great on a mixed plate of Antipasti. Fresh champignons, Salami Napoli, tender Parma ham and strawberries. Delicious!

Strawberries with ham and mozzarella
Another recipe is a salad with strawberries. Spinach leaves or rocket, buffalo mozzarella, a couple of mushrooms and some juicy strawberries. These red power fruits bring a fresh new note to any salad!

Party piece – strawberry sticks
You will need: strawberries, basil, mozzarella balls and wooden skewers. Mix honey, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper to create a dressing. Stick the strawberries, the basil and the mozzarella balls on the skewers, drizzle with dressing and serve. 

Pair with salmon for a deluxe starter
Sounds unusual but tastes amazing – a starter with smoked salmon and strawberries. Arrange the smoked salmon on a plate. Wash and quarter the strawberries and toss with shredded rocket. Mix a dressing using honey, mustard, white Balsamico and salt. Scatter the strawberry-rocket mix over the smoked salmon, drizzle with dressing and enjoy!

A healthy start to the day
Get off to a fresh start and use real fruits instead of sugary jams or preserves at breakfast. Chop the strawberries, mix with agave syrup and a dash of lemon and then spread on a slice of warm toast. A wonderfully fresh breakfast that’s healthy too – just like most of our new strawberry recipes!

Hendrik, Product Development